Aman Haq

Aman is a rising multicultural entrepreneur who started working at the age of 12. He founded his own company at the age of 16, and since then has founded companies in real estate, tech, and finance.


Aman is a rising multicultural entrepreneur whose work over the past 5 years on a number of profitable companies. Starting at the age of 16, he has founded companies involved in real estate, tech, and finance. A dedicated philanthropist, his works include Raj Begum Hospital, and constructed over 32 km of roads across Kashmir, and microfinance operations.

Aman was born and raised in New Jersey he began starting companies at the age of 16. His first work was managing vacation homes.

Outside of business, Aman has worked to provide critical infrastructure in Bagh, AJK. He became determined to better the environment and understanding how his resources could help change lives in the region, he decided to make a change. This ended in the forming of an NGO that has gone on to teach English at the Sq. Leader Maqsood Ul Haq College, construct the Raj Begum Hospital, provide microfinancing operations in the region, support local law enforcement, and creating clean water fountains.

Aman graduated from Brown University with a 4.0 GPA and Magna Cum Laude. He is a polyglot (capable of speaking 4 languages), private pilot, a black belt (from an AJKA-affiliated dojo), and an Eagle Scout. He enjoys traveling and spending time with friends and family.

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